The long and short of it is you don’t!

HOWEVER, having the right HR support in place and being responsible for HR when employing staff has never been more important these days

There is legislation to work to, such as paying the national living wage amount.

The requirement for employees to have contracts from day one (which I cover later on) or managing a discipline situation or terminating a contract.

All areas of employing people, from recruitment, starting employment, working, changing job roles to leaving a business, can all attract some form of claim or proceedings against the employer if processes or the business actions are not deemed appropriate, are discriminatory or do not follow legislative guidance or regulations.  

Currently (as of April 2020) the maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal stands at a year’s pay subject to a cap of £88,519.

Contract claims e.g. for breach of contract – wrongful dismissal is brought to an employment tribunal, compensation is capped at £25,000.

HR procedures and support can help both the employer and the employee to ensure that there is the protection there against these types’ scenarios occurring in the first place.

But it not just the negative side that HR can support.

Employee engagement and development can benefit from supporting HR practices on top of introducing well-being initiatives and enhancing the overall working relationship encouraging loyalty and the retention of good staff, who can be hard to come by these days.

If you are wondering where to start when it comes to HR and your business, why not book a free consultation with me & I’ll be happy to offer you some of my 20+ years experience!

Until then, all the best!


Marie Speight