Whilst initially it may seem a daunting task introducing HR policies, the benefits of having the right policies in place and which suit your business will really pay dividends in the end.

They do not have to be ‘war and peace’ or huge lengthy documents!

First off HR policies provide written guidance for employees and managers on how to handle a range of employment issues.

They provide consistency and transparency for all, which helps to demonstrate fairness and that you value your team and a positive people culture.

Secondly, HR policies can also help avoid involvement with employment tribunal claims as they provide guidance for managers ensuring you remain legal and non-discriminatory.

As a reminder, you will need to have specific policy in place to comply with certain legal requirements, such as having a written health and safety policy for any organisation with five or more employees or setting out formal disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Even where a policy or procedure isn’t specifically required by law, its often helpful to provide clear guidance that reflects the legal framework for handling the issue in question and it also helps employees to be clear about your stance on a particular subject.

Carrying out a gap analysis on what is considered necessary would be the first port of call to starting the process.

If you are wondering where to start when it comes to HR Policies & Procedures for your business, why not book a free consultation with me & I’ll be happy to offer you some of my 20+ years experience!

Until then, all the best!


Marie Speight