Recruiting the ‘right’ people is one of the top challenges for any business.

Stiff competition, a limited pool of skilled candidates and perhaps the inability to offer a competitive salary are some of the common constraints for small businesses to contend with.

While many growing businesses are forced to focus on sales and profit, they can sometimes neglect employee issues.

This includes having the time to recruit the best and then manage the new recruits to the business.

Whilst writing a job description may be seen as time consuming, having the right role specification in place is imperative.

It will not only support the need to recruit as you will define what is required work wise, but it will help recruit the right person, help you manage staff once in place by detailing what is required and what they are responsible for.

Considerations when you are thinking about taking on staff are required –  

  • the need to recruit – can your role be filled internally, or do you need to look externally?
  • how you recruit – do you advertise or use an agency?
  • how you advertise – via the job centre, job website or local press? and
  • interviewing for the role – asking appropriate questions, checking skills and qualifications and ensuring it is lawful and not considered to be discriminatory.

Once you have the right person for the role – it is important that they start in the best way possible and have a smooth transition to the business.

An offer letter and contract should be issued on day one at the latest, induction planned, and they are introduced to the business and role, with a probation period that is meaningful with the employee passing it at the end.

HR support can ensure that you remain compliant throughout the recruitment process as well as offer guidance on the best means of recruiting staff to your business.

If you are wondering where to start when it comes to HR support for your business, why not book a free consultation with me & I’ll be happy to offer you some of my 20+ years experience on the matter!

Until then, all the best!


Marie Speight