Without good HR support you may find yourself missing key areas of managing your staff the right way.It’s all too easy to find yourself putting off managing staff issues

Aside from managing the day to day activities of staff carrying out the role they were employed to do, there are other areas, listed, that will need your attention.

  • Working time, holidays, and absence
  • Family friendly rights
  • Sickness absence and disability discrimination
  • Management of any disciplinary and grievance cases
  • Wages, benefits, bonuses and pensions
  • Employee performance  
  • Development and training
  • Data protection and GDPR
  • Health and Safety – ensuring staff are safe whilst working.

As mentioned earlier, having polices in place to manage these areas will ensure you are covered.

Including these policies in an Employee Handbook which accompanies the contract of employment will ensure that all staff fully understand what the rules are and what they need to know.

If you are wondering where to start when it comes to Managing People in your business, why not book a free consultation with me & I’ll be happy to offer you some of my 20+ years experience on the matter!

Until then, all the best!


Marie Speight