The Need To Carry Out Appraisals With Your Team

The Need To Carry Out Appraisals With Your Team

For some of us, the thought of having an appraisal one to one meeting, can seem daunting, a waste of time and counterproductive when everyone is busy.  

Some of us may have had the ‘appraisal from hell’ which was perhaps soul destroying or where you felt that you had not been listened to.

However, when appraisals are carried out effectively, it can align the efforts of every employee with the overall company goals.

This ensures that everyone plays their part or at least understands their role in the company’s overall success.

HR can support you to develop a process that fits with the business needs and which is easy to follow and understand.

These meetings ensure that employees have the appropriate training and development in order to be effective and make it easier for them to do their jobs.

It can be said, that smaller businesses have the advantage of being able to keep systems flexible while focusing on four key goals:

  • Align employee activity to the goals and strategies of the business.
  • Encourages two-way communication between managers and staff.
  • Highlights any training requirements ensuring they have the appropriate skills to do their job.
  • Identifies employees who add value to the business and target them for future opportunities.

If you are wondering where to start when it comes to Team Appraisals for your business, why not book a free consultation with me & I’ll be happy to offer you some of my 20+ years experience on the matter!

Until then, all the best!


Marie Speight