About Marie 

HR, People Development and Change Management Consultant

With over 20+ years’ experience working within a HR/people development remit, I’ve held various senior positions within the automotive pressings industry, food manufacturing/processing and agriculture sectors and occupational health charity, before my transition to consultancy.

Aside from many years of generalist HR management, I’ve practised in significant change projects, including project management, talent and succession planning implementation, job restructuring, site closures, redundancy and outplacement of staff.

As a chartered member of the CIPD, my experience lends itself to a passion for organisational development and design, adding value through people, processes and development initiatives.

As a consultant, you can switch on a high level of expertise as and when your business needs it, which can be a flexible option to consider and use without it being a permanent overhead to your business.

It’s a win / win.

Marie has provided me with invaluable advise on all matters HR and people for several years.  Latterly she has delivered development coaching which was really useful, due to her having vast experience along with a very logical and practical approach.

I would not hesitate in recommending Marie to any business requiring assistance in these areas.
Sarah Mellor

Director , Salopian Health & Safety Ltd.

Key Areas Of Expertise 

Recruiting a specialised resource in areas such as HR or carrying out development and training agendas with your employees, might be exactly  what you need, but these skills can be difficult to source and not cost effective for small to medium sized enterprises. That’s where I come in.

I offer a full-time resource on a flexible & affordable basis.

  • HR Policy & Procedures
  • Project Management
  • People / Process Planning
  • Development Training

My Unique Approach

By offering a flexible approach to working in partnership with you, I can help guide you through your HR and employment issues, policies, procedures and contracts the right way.

As a retained service of one or two days a month I can manage your general HR or  development programme.

I can also manage areas such as restructuring, right-sizing, redundancy and outplacement as and when required.

It's a modern-day approach that suits SME's perfectly.

Marie was able to scope the needs, design and deliver a managers development training session which was rolled out to 25+ line managers. feedback was very positive and managers were very receptive ti the style of delivery and would welcome any further development available.
All participants enjoyed the interactive sessions and have been able to use their new skills in their day job and share the learnings with their teams. 
Mandy Towler

L&D Officer , Cambridge

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